Bug in COOK118

Hello @admin , @vijju123
For the problem CHEFRECP in MAY COOKOFF 2020. I submitted 2 similar codes, one in PYPY3 and one in Python3.6.
The PYPY3 submission gave me TLE while Python 3.6 submission gave me an AC.
The PYPY3 submission : https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/33287341
The Python3.6 submission : CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

The only difference is in line 62 where I created a list of size 1007 in PYPY3 submission. Since the number of testcases were 100, it should work fine, because in the Python3.6 submission, I also created other lists of size 1007 and it gave AC.
So I don’t think that creating one more array of the same size should give me a TLE.
Please do look into this matter, may be there was a bug. Please, this cost me a penalty.

UDP : I submitted the same PYPY3 code in practice https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/33343952. It got AC. Wow, anything wrong with the Testing System or the servers ? Same code, during contest it is giving TLE, other time it is giving AC. And also cost me an impractical penalty.

Thank You


Similar cases have arrived in past. I hope admin has justification even this time ?
From 2.01 sec TLE to 0.11 sec AC.

Hi, thanks for reporting. It does look like an issue from our end, and we’ll investigate it. Please send an email with all these details to help@codechef.com as well.

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