Bug in Cook98 (OneTwo)

I submitted this code which got an AC, but I could’ve submitted this during contest but I didn’t due to penalty issues in the Cook-off. Those lucky got an AC during the contest.
It is failing the test case



2 2 1 2

@admin, please look into the matter.

I’m sure, this issue must have been faced by many others.

Plus the server errors, ranklist not updating during the contest were really annoying. I think this would be unfair with people like me if this contest goes rated, still after such issues have been reported.

I avoided submitting the solution for the problem when It showed buffering symbol and the server down error. So I left the contest assuming the solution must have not got submitted but after an hour I saw the AC on my profile page. Thus leading me run behind in the ranklist. These kinds of issues have been before as well where the contests have got unrated.


I don’t approve of you giving a false impression about your competition entry. You didn’t get a valid AC during the contest, and it’s easy to check that this is so. Your submissions were too slow for large array entries. The code you indicate “could have” given you an AC in competition is a totally different approach and actually looks like a different style. Now it could be that your style is different under time pressure but in that case it’s not the code you would have written during the competition.

It’s perfectly valid to complain about the site response, which was poor, but you dilute the case by overstating it.

These kinds of issues have been before as well where the contests have got unrated.

Example or never happened. I dont recall this happening at all.

BTW: If you have been affected a lot by the server glitches etc. , shoot me a mail telling your experience, i.e. the issues you faced. I will see what can be done.

Consider July 2017 Cook-Off

Also March 2018 Lunchtime

That’s right, I didn’t approach in this way. I mentioned it before as well that just to avoid any penalty I didn’t submit this solution (as I knew the counter testcase for it) and was proceeding in different manner (optimisation). Btw that optimization could fail on just one kind of input, but due to lack of time I submitted those solution. Now you would say why didn’t I submit this solution. Because this solution could fetch me WA but that one TLE only. THERE ARE STILL THE CHANCES FOR A TLE SOLUTION TO PASS SOMEHOW (EITHER OPTIMIZATION ETC.), BUT IDEALLY NO CHANCES FOR A WRONG SOLUTION

Well, no - your TLE “solution” was not going to pass. You can’t claim credit, as you appear to be trying to do here, for code that you didn’t submit until a day later.

There’s no point in people with no correct solution complaining about those who got lucky with more or less wrong solutions. The people who submitted (truly) correct solutions were undervalued. You were not one of those people.