Bug in LCMCONST July Long Challenge Div1 Contest

Dear @codechef @admin ,
I found a bug in your testing code in July Long Challenge Div1 Contest.
This given code submission (https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/35570915)
is Accepted in July Long Challenge Div1 contest. But, When I am trying to
submit this code through the practice section. It is giving the wrong
submission. Please take a look. In my understanding this code is wrong(
https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/35605721) but unfortunately, it got
accepted. Please rejudge that live contest submission or exclude this problem from the contest!
(It’s unfair with others)
@admin, A lot of folks on CodeChef are doing the cheating and now, these mistakes in test files. It looks like we have to switch to other platforms like CodeForces & AtCoder. Please do something with this.

It looks like we have to switch to other platforms like CodeForces & AtCoder

So switch. Honestly, no one cares🙂

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I don’t think it is a bug or something, i have scene same code giving different verdicts on different submissions.

i don’t know why this happens but may be because code chef has multiple files of each task and just checks your code only for one file (random out of all available) among that. ( i am just guessing ). (and if this is the case you were lucky during your submission in contest.)

and admin knows better than anyone else what is going on website, its not even for the first time.
other than appreciating this unique initiation of codechef of Long challenges… in which we are provided with these mind-blowing problems, you are complaining about this inevitable thing (cheating) ? have you ever given a school exam without cheating ? (if yes do you used to stand up in class and tell the teacher about cheaters, or you ever dropped out of school because kids used to cheat in exam.) (i am not saying cheating is good, just putting an example to prove how stupid it is to blame cheating.)

and your decision of switching to codeforces or AtCoder have nothing to do with anyone else here. so edit that ‘we’ to ‘i’.


Well said, exactly what everyone should do. Start using tools provided by codechef in appropriate manner.

It looks like you don’t want any changes. Low standards :smile: Raise your standards :laughing:

Bro,Don’t be too much positive :laughing:

Bro, How many problems you have solved on CodeChef :laughing:

I (Not we) think, I should switch to CodeForces & AtCoder.
Enjoy your cheaters’ kingdom :laughing:

Okay bye. We would like more positive and good people rather than whining people here✌

This guy is really burning behind that emoji. Retreat, i repeat retreat.

You kids :laughing:

Balak Mahnat karo 3star se 4start bano :laughing:

Short contest diya karo :laughing:

Guys, simply an attention seeking guy. Just ignore these people🙂

Hum to dete h sir, aap diya kro😛, long me to bhd nhi rhi rating syd short me bhd jaye.

We all know.

This is intentional. Sometimes we do find some users’ incorrect submissions during the contest which we hadn’t thought of, and so build test cases to break them. But we will not add them during the contest unless it is very critical. We add them to the Practice section after the contest is over.
And as has been explained in the email sent to you, no, we will not be doing any rejudges for this.

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bhaii tum chale jaoge tab to codechef band ho jayega . don’t switch to codeforces & atcoder.

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Replace “we” with “I” , and best of luck…

meanwhile codechef be like:

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