BUG in rating mechanism

Yesterday in div 2
I submitted my DISKMOV solution at 10:58 PM
but the rating did not update after submitting the solution.
After the contest, my overall rating decreased by 6 points which were supposed to increase.

someone pls tell me if there is a bug or if it is my real rating.

Screenshot (60)

yes, my rating is wrong as well, i hope codechef admins fix it soon!

You had solved the first two problems pretty early, but solved your third problem very late. Hence the jump in your ranking after solving your third problem wasn’t much - it went from around 1100 to 1043. If you haven’t solved the last problem, you’d have had a slightly higher reduction in your rating.

Screenshot (64)
huh look at my graph ended not the whole contest graph though ended up getting +3 :,)

according to my experience of 60 contests
my rank should have increased overall
well, no worries

@neel_04 - your chart is till 165 mins. Your last submission came in around the same time - this will have increased your rating at the 180th minute.

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hmm i know i said that photo was in the middle not the last graph rating ended up getting +3 at the end of the contest