Bug in rating system

In the previous Starters 88 i secured a rank of 14 in div4 by doing 6 questions but my rating has updated to only 1346. So, i request to please look into the matter if it is wrong.

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It is not wrong. You will need to be consistently good to get huge rating gains.

Also, on the other hand, if was his / her first contest, he / she would have become 3 star directly, like

I really don’t think the new rating system increases rating in fair manner to be honest, because @kuvar1094 got just 61 positive, even after getting a better rank

For users who have already participated in some contests, the new system rewards consistency. You might consistently be at a particular level, but do terribly in one contest, and the system won’t punish you with a huge -ve delta for it. It will be treated as more of an outlier, and it’ll give you more chances, so to speak. Similarly, just a single great contest won’t spike your ratings by a lot. If you consistently do better than what the system expects you to, then it’ll give you higher +ve deltas.

Just see the difference between the two rating graph tabs of some user with a lot of participation to get an idea of the difference in the systems. The old system is very chaotic, while the new system rewards you for consistently improving over time.

You can read about this in depth here.

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That makes much more sense. Thanks a lot for explaining

Hi, I have seen this guy earlier too. He has a good repo for Rust algorithms.
I even contributed a minor changes in it, and often refer it.

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