Bug in submit page?

In a few days, I have noticed that there is a problem when submitting code on any problem. When I try to submit, an error saying ‘No language is selected. Please select a language’ appears on top.

Also, if I try to run the code on custom input, the following error appears (not really frequent).

This error most probably shows up when we quickly try to submit the code without even letting the submit page load completely (obviously during a contest, we are in a hurry to submit). And then it may happen again and again. I am not really sure about when this error shows up, so if anyone else has faced the same issue, please share it here.
Please fix this bug as soon as possible.

Hey @vishaaaal,

The Submission limit reached is a valid and legit error because of our rate-limiting/abuse-prevention mechanism.

However, we are trying to replicate the language not selected error. We will inform you if there are updates on the same!


Hi @vishaaaal,

We have deployed a fix for this in the last month. Please let us know if you ever face it again.