Bug Noticed on Codechef Rankings

I saw just now that everyone on Codechef has 0 (NA) rating for Long Contests. Is this some bug or is there some maintenance going on?

I don’t see anything like this. You may see here.

Codechef ,inreased rating of those who didnt cheat and ratings ,declined . I got my up thats why ,i too noticed it

I saw the same thing about 30 minutes ago, but it seems fine now. I’ve seen the same thing in the past while they were updating rankings so I assumed that’s what going on. Seems like they’ve updated the LunchTime 20 ratings, but not yet the COOK54 ratings. Edit: I was mistaken, they haven’t updated anything yet.

Are the ratings of LUNCHTIME 20 & COOK54 updated ?

It’s fixed just now.

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No, they aren’t.

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ok thanks… !!