Bug or What?

Is this a bug on codechef?


Even fully solved questions of some people have gone to partially solved.


I’m not an admin XD

@vijju123 @admin


ok… I feel this is a plagiarism issue :thinking::thinking:
and sorry for tagging you :relieved:

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btw, do you know after how much time plagiarism checking is complete because I have seen many people having same codes in feb long this time and they still have not been penalized?

No idea, sorry :slight_smile:

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ok, no prob

I read in DSA Scholarship page that final list will be out by march 2 after plag checks.

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ohk…this seems a quite fast ; reason can be they have to conduct the dsa exam…but what about other months?

Is there any thread already made for info of plagiarism and such stuff?

No idea bro, in some thread I read 6 months time span, idk if it’s true what I read in a comment, admins may help you with doubt

Please give relevant links and explain clearly as to what the bug is.

September long challenge 2019
above links are just an example to show questions fully solved by some people have gone to partially solved and are not even appearing in rank-list.
and one thing more…till what month plagiarism check is complete? how much time does it take in general to complete plagiarism check in long challenges???

This is because the user has been caught in plagiarism.

We’ll make an announcement about the plagiarism checking status in a few weeks.