Bytedance coding test?

anyone has given bytedance coding test as i am able to solve two complete and third partially

Yes, I gave the test yesterday for a full-time role, there were 4 ques. to be solved in 2 hrs.
I did the first 3 ques. full AC and the last one partial.

I was able to solve 3 Question (AC) but not 4th one any chancesof selection

Did anyone get any response from the Bytedance team after the test?

Can i get in brief as to what the questions were ?

anyone got second round link ?? or result of first round

No, Even I am waiting for the results mate.

I have got an invitation for onsite for next week. Did anyone else get it too?

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I had received the test link 20 days ago for full time role. There were 4 questions with 2 hours duration. I got AC in all four questions within 45 minutes (problems were easy-medium level) but still didn’t heared from them.

Hey, when did you attempted the test?

Around the same time as you did. I solved only 3. They might be taking interviews in batches. Wait for one week and if you don’t get the mail, let me know, I’ll ping my recruiter for you.

Good luck!

where did you guys apply from? The google form on Codechef?


Sure. Thank you.

I actually solved 4 problems all AC within 45 minutes and gave 2 tests for different positions. But Still haven’t heard from them. Please let me know if u can give your detail to me so we can talk. Regards

They had stopped their hiring on 15 April afaik from my recruiter.