Bytedance online assessment - offcampus

I applied at ByteDance for Computer visision role and Software Engineer role (eHR).

In the online assessment of CV role, I solved 3 questions full and 1 partial. Didn’t received even rejection mail, waiting since 1 month! Already given up hope.

In the online assessment of eHR, I solved all the 4 questions in around 1 hour 20 min (as they were very easy). Still didn’t received any response from their side, it’s more than a week now.

I just want to ask, what I am doing wrong? Is this happening with any anyone else? Don’t they even inform candidates about the rejection?

They take a minimum of 2-3 weeks to respond with interview calls. Also, they take a lot of factors into account rather than just your test score.

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Factors like ?

profile, resume and such.

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Very few companies send rejection mail.
For most of the companies, if you are selected then you will get a reply from them else nothing.

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Sad , why keep us dangling :sleepy:


Rejection mails are rare, only a few companies are consistent with rejection and selection mails.
One might sometimes get a automated rejection mail if applied through the official job portal or when that particular job closes but that might take a longer duration of time.
If you have any HR contact that might have come with the assessment mail that you got , you can try to send a mail asking for feedback.

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@dplyr got any reply?