ByteDance SWE Internship 2021 Online Assessment

Did anyone receive ByteDance’s assessment link for Internship 2021(If applied).

How can I apply for that?

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please share a link.

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Yes, gave the test around 1 week back

I applied directly on the site.

I directly applied on their careers site.

How were the questions like Leetcode Easy, Medium, Hard. And for what position did you apply.

There were 3 problems. And first problem was easy. Second can be easy-medium(You can tell CF B) and third was leetcode medium(standard dp problem).
I applied for SDE

Thanks, for me the instructions says it’s got 4 ques for 120 mins.

Maybe it depends from candidate to candidate. All the best for your OA.

Is the internship available for an Indian location or abroad

Isn’t BYTEDANCE is parent company of TikTok ? @saideepesh

For which role you have applied. as I’m unable to find SWE on site …



I applied to SWE Internship, on their website It was like"Global Internship…". It may have been deleted now, but you can try for any other roles, you can hear from them like me.


hey, did you receive your result, if yes, how was your result(like partial test cases or full tests). Just can you brief about it.

I have applied in byte dance for 3 roles software engineer (ehr), frontend engineer (computer vision)
and one internship.
I get assessment link for software engineer (eHr) (In which the 4que in 2hr i solved in 2 all test case pass in 1 qus 1 test case fail ) able to qualify this round. today is my second round of assignments for SE (ehr) and 1st round for frontend engineer(CV)

I didn’t get assignment link for internship.
hope this will help u press like if yes

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