ByteRace 2K18 IIT Patna

Hello Codechef!

We would like to invite you to participate in Byterace 2K18 to be held on HackerEarth. The contest is being organised by NJACK(Not Just Another Computer Klub!) IIT Patna. A 3-hour algorithmic competitive programming contest which will test your logical, analytical and algorithmic skills is brought to you as a post Celesta(IIT Patna techno-management fest) event.

Date:- 1st November 2018 , Thursday.

Timmings:- 08:30pm IST to 11:30pm IST.


  • 1st Prize 5,000 INR + HackerEarth T-shirt

  • 2nd Prize 3,000 INR + HackerEarth T-shirt

  • 3rd Prize HackerEarth T-shirt

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