C++11 Support (Discussion)

Is Codechef going to feature C++11 support ?



No, as far as I am concerned, Codechef judge, as it is largely based on SPOJ judge, is not going to feature C++11 support anytime soon…

And to be honest, given the huge amount (and I really mean huge) of programming languages that are available there, with some of those being babies (as Go), I guess that C++ 11 support would be unnecessary.

Also, aside from that, C++11 has features that are intended to be exploited and taken advantage of by very experienced programmers only. (Words said by a teacher I have who works with C/C++/Java for over 30 years now and is member of IEEE and ACM)

I have to say I totally agree with him, since the abstraction layer we are arriving at is so huge, that without a clear understanding of the fundamental data structures it will be even easier to mess up with it.

If you all of a sudden see, as in C++,

sort(arr, arr+arrSize, comp);

and all of a sudden see comp is a pointer to a function which is masked as an iterator in C++ and if you all of a sudden see that you can overload and redefine the > sign for a comparison and start getting unexpected behaviours due to namespaces being ill defined and etc (Just try to understand what I am saying as much as Im trying myself right now!!!) you can clearly see that the confusion just got well “confused.”

Just focus on algorithms and on the core mathematical aspects of a problem and using C++ STL along with some very good reasoning is enough to solve anything imho :slight_smile:

No need to add extra complexity with some obscure standards imho :smiley:



Codechef will support C++11 when SPOJ does it. So it is best to ask them, or convince Codechef to ask them.

I sent a mail some time back to SPOJ asking if they will support C++11.

I got this reply on May 18 -

Thank you very much for you e-mail, we
do appreciate your comment. In the
near future (the matter of weeks) we
plan a major SPOJ upgrade with C++11
to be made available.

Please note that C++11 adds new features like auto, range-based for etc. which make coding much easier. Plus we get <regex>, Smart Pointers etc.

Read more about it in my answer here and on Wikipedia

BTW The compilers have started working on C++14.


Now Codechef supports C++11 whereas Spoj doesn’t !