C. Constanze's Machine


I was going through its solution, but I can’t get how they have formed a fibonacci relation. Can some one explain the logic?

@cubefreak777 can you explain me the logic why we are taking dpi = dpi-1 + dpi-2.

Suppose you have string abcuuuu , then suppose you have answer for dp_5 and dp_4 , (0-based indexing )
then for u at the the 6th index you have two options either to let it u , then the no. of ways will be dp_5 , or make uu as w ( u at index 5th and 6th) , then the no. of ways will be dp_4. so dp_6=dp_5+dp_4
Hence dp_i=dp_i-1 + dp_i-2

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Thanks @dhruv788