C, Java and Python solutions should also be included in Editorials

This is a request from “Non-CPP users” to include solutions designed in C, Java and Python for contest problems.
As I see, most of the editorials include only CPP solution. What is so annoying is, even the CPP solutions in editorial have so much useless stuff, they call it template. Of course it may matter in CP, but when a user who is willing to see the solution of a problem and if much of it is template, it is useless. And “Non-CPP users” are not much aware of this useless stuff.
So, it would be better if Editorials include Solutions in C, Java and Python too, as these are most used after CPP.
@admin, kindly look into this issue and make it mandatory for setters and testers to include solutions in C, Java and Python too. This not only makes it transparent for “Non-CPP users”, but even the time-limits and memory limits can be modified according to the solutions designed by setter and tester.