C language help

I would really like to get extremely good at the c language . Do you need to learn math for it , if yes, give a list and description of the whole thing?
Can I do anything with it , if yes , how ? I have been trying to make a program with it to tell me how to design a blog anyway of looking beauty. How do I do that where do I start and where do I end ? How do you organise everything no matter what it is ? And make patterns too also to any and all patterns ?

UPSOLVE :slight_smile:

When you say practice what exactly are you talking about ? Give me three examples .

And what you mean by solve and upsolve ?
I have been trying to do what I call practice but it is very hard . I try to organise everything then I try to make stuff anything. Once I tried picking a lock, you know like a desk lock with programming but found that I did not know how to do it with programming. Can you help me please

Since the questions seem vague which resources are easy to learn from and is fun ? Or where do I find resources ?

Can searching Google like " c language program for " anything ? Can that be a good resource

I don’t think he’s asking about cp

No, you don’t need math for it ( basic addition, subtraction etc). Learn C by either watching videos or reading books. Check out ‘Let us C’ and ‘Programming in Ansi C’ for learning C. Reading is not enough. You should get a hang of it. So either start solving problems like find sum of first n numbers etc by practicing on hackkerrank. Check the below link.


If you want to get into competitive coding then start solving codechef beginner problems.

Yes. Google anything that you want

How do find examples of anything ? I wanna see examples when trying to code in the c language so that I may get the right desired program output . I wanted to make a color hue wheel in a program . And would like every possible different example.

For the color wheel that you mentioned, you will have to learn graphics in C. Just search for ‘Tutorial for graphics in C’.