c program for linear equation in 2 variables

linear equation in 2 variables
by elimination and subtitution
both method…??? efficient nd less memory consuming
wats d diffrence btw these two approach …???

You can easily find the solution of these equations by cross multiplication:

a1x + b1y + c1 =0 …(1)

a2x + b2y + c2 =0 …(2)

cross multiplication

x = (b1*c2 - b2*c1) / (a1*b2 - a2*b1)

y = (c1*a2 - c2*a1) / (a1*b2 - a2*b1)

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substitution will take less space as there is no requirment of extra variable(in code) but it will be slow as include more calculation like divede multiply etc…

difference between efficient and less memory consuming : time-efficient is about what it’s execution time is, space-efficient (or less memory consuming) is how less space it takes.

Eg: representing graph edges in adjacency list is space efficient, but access takes more time (have to check in whole list); while adjacency matrix is time efficient (O(1) time), but takes O(n*n) space

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