Can a number be written as sum of first K Prime numbers?

I have a series P[K] is a set of first K prime numbers.
[2,3,5,7,11,…] respectively.

We have two inputs:
Input1: D, which is a sum of different repeated prime number
Input2: K, is given to us

Example 1:
Input1: 11
input2: 3
As K=3, P[3] ={2,3,5}, there are three elements.
1st Occurence: Element 3: 5 Units
2nd Occurence: Element 2: 3 Units
3rd Occurence: Element 2: 3 Units
Output: 3

Another Example
Example 2:
Input1: 16
Input2: 5
As K=5, P[5] ={2,3,5,7,11}, there are five elements.
Minimum number of occurences: 11x1 & 5x1 => 1+1
Output: 2

Output Specification:
Your function should return minimum number of occurence which can sum up to D ?
I am looking for an algorithm to achieve this.
Could anyone let me know how can I achieve it ?