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VIP group of companies introduce a new shopping mall “Le Le” . To promote the mall they had approached “6th Event” a famous commercial event organizer to organize an event of lucky draw. The organizer has to collect name, phone and email id of all the visitors during promotion time and give it to the company.

The organizer needs an automated application and wants to store records in a text file called “visitors.txt”.

Records should to be stored in the following structure


In a record, each attributes should be separated using comma (,) and records should be separated using semi colon (;).

Create a Java Application which has two classes called and

In FileManager class implement the following methods [method skeletons are given]

static public File createFile() – This method should create the file and return it.

static public void writeFile(File f, String record) – In the method, first parameter is the file reference in which records to be added and second parameter is a record, This record should append in the file. [Record should be as per the given format]

static public String[] readFile(File f) – This method accept file to be read, returns all records in the file.

[Note : Don’t modify the signature of the given methods]

In Main class use the following Input and Output statements and call the needed methods from FileManager class to manipulate files.

Enter Name


Enter Phone Number


Enter Email

Do you want to enter another record(yes/no)


Enter Name


Enter Phone Number


Enter Email

Do you want to enter another record(yes/no)




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i am facing one error as DO NOT CHANGE THE CODE SKELTON in java . please help me in finding the solution