can anybody help(dealing with huge huge numbers)

hello @all i am facing difficulty in this problem usually i face difficulty whenever i have to deal with
huge numbers like 10^100 or similar to that.I am a c/c++ coder thats why i prefer c++ over python or java.I can do these type of question in python or java but still i want to do this in c++…is there anybody who can help me doing these type of question particularly this one.

Example of how to store and use very large integers in C ( similar for other languages also ) is explained nicely with examples in this link.

You can follow the discussion here also. There are many examples and various Bignum libraries available online.

Possible ways to approach such problems with very large numbers :

  1. Define custom integer type that is large enough to hold such value. Then define your own custom addition, multiplication ( or other as needed ) operations for it.
  1. Use any available bignum library.
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