Can anyone explain this

In the October long challenge, in problem Bacterial Reproduction, I got a different verdict for the exact same solution when resubmitted it. Can anyone explain to me how it happened and can admin look into it as the only test case failed due to TLE in one solution got accepted for the same solution when I resubmitted the same code.
Links to solutions: solution 1
solution 2

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Due to heavy traffic the time may increase by 0.01/ 0.02 seconds. This is why most solutions to approximate/challenge problem would get a TLE previously as they needed to be reevaluated after the contest due to heavy traffic.

So if you see clearly your time of execution was 1.98/1.99 seconds. Considering heavy load on the server the execution time increased and so resulted in TLE.


First, It wasn’t a challenge problem.
Second, if every testcase can run under 2 seconds in my case shouldn’t I be given the benefit.