Can Anyone Make a Codechef Rating predictor for everyone?

I have seen people have uploaded code for Prediction on Github but I am not a techie and it will be great if someone can make a website for predicting ratings :smiley:

Thanks in advance.

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Can you share one such Github repository?
I can make one, I think.

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Yes man

1 Like and google you’ll find tons more
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Thankyou bhaiya.
You can see current predictions here
And yeah I’ll make a Django website within 2-3 days. {kinda busy right now :confounded:}


man, did you work on the predictor?? can we see predictions for ?

Don’t worry, you’ll most probably reach 5* today.

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a mathematical prediction would help more, not just in this, but in future contests too!

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Hold up there Sparky!

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ho gye 5 star

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thanks guyss