Can anyone Please tell where I am wrong... Problem Code: FLOW004 First and Last Digit error-(SIGSTP)

using namespace std;
int main(){
int t;
for(int test=0;test<t;test++){
long long int n;
long long int sum=n%10;
int n=n/10;


You have already declared n as a long long int type and inside the while loop, you are again declaring n but now as an int type. That’s why you’re getting SIGSTP error.

To overcome this, simply remove the int inside the while loop. Insead of writing int n=n/10; just write n=n/10; and your problem will be resolved.

Also since you’re using int main, you should also return a value at the end. Return 0 here. It’s a good practise :slightly_smiling_face: