Can anyone submit this code of Hidecell of today's lunchtime contest problem

Idk y but whenever I am submitting code for.this problem it’s saying internal error while on other hand it’s giving verdict for different persons code. Pretty weird.
Can anyone submit this code once and let me know if it’s working or not.

Link of the code: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

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I submitted your code and got the same error ’ :frowning: internal error occurred in the system’.


Thanks for trying buddy, but m not able to understand y it’s giving verdict for other’s code. :expressionless:


Yeh Codechef hai kuch bhi ho sakta hai XD


This is something new (atleast to me)!

Till now, I have only encountered some false TLEs on Python (that too mostly with Fast IO in use), but this one’s stranger! ‘Internal Error on System’ seems this code has something special that crashes the CodeChef Judge! :laughing:

Bug Bounties, get to work! Who knows, investigating this could make you grab an intern with CodeChef! :thinking::smiley:


Damm even I am having a similar kind of issue, I have searched all over the internet and even have posted on number of threads on different forum, no solution seems to work. I am really frustrated, can anyone of you here help me resolve this issue, I am very much tired now.

Still waiting for someone to reply me.

It is showing very weird behaviour , I tried testing it out , As everyone else it is showing Internal error to me as well , ( BTW you shouldn’t use fastio in interactive problem (normally) ) , but then when I tried to see due to which line I am getting Internal error by assert(-1>0) , instead of giving Runtime error it gave WA.