Can i make IOI team in year? What ressources are more oriented to informatics olympiad

I am high school student from morocco. I am fascinated by algorithms and cp. I have doing cp for a while i know sortings and search. I am really overwhelmed by all the ressources on internet and i would love some help. I am mastering all c++ basics also, I would love some help on ressources or roadmap so i can be prepared for next year’s selections in our country.I know it is hard to do it in a year and i will need hardwork and real practice and i am ready to give it everything i just need help onwhat ressources to use or problems to solve because sometimes i keep solvig easy problems like 900 or 1000.I hope to see some answers i really need it this is important for me.

One thing you can is to start solving problems which have come in past IOI competitions from here - Contest Page | CodeChef

This will give you some idea of the topics you should be studying for IOI.