Can I report cheating

During the contests on codechef, if I know that some of my friends are sharing code (which i came to know after the contest ended by looking their solutions) then can i report this incident.
I know it may seem selfish but they have also cheated (working like a team and helping each other).


Yes !! You can…But your ID tells a different story


@admin @harry_iiit @harryi3t
Yes You can.

But, Why don’t you look at your solutions and the “harryi3t” solutions. then report your user ID as a cheater. You are telling that your friends cheated in the contest. But, I think you are also one of them. @Fake Account

After seeing your id, You have solved 4 problems in only 9 minutes. Look at these 2 IDs and their accepted solutions:
harry_iiit | CodeChef User Profile for fake account | CodeChef

harryi3t | CodeChef User Profile for Harendra Singh | CodeChef

  1. **problem SEATRSF, contest OCT13. By harry_iiit (harry_iiit)**CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone
  2. problem SEATRSF, contest OCT13. By harryi3t (harryi3t): CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone
  3. problem HELPLIRA, contest OCT13. By harryi3t (harryi3t): CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone
  4. problem HELPLIRA, contest OCT13. By harry_iiit (harry_iiit): CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

This guy is using 2 IDs. It is also against codechef “Code of Conduct” Does CodeChef have any Code Of Conduct? - help - CodeChef Discuss. In this case, both users may be deactivated permanently.
Hope admin look at it. :slight_smile:


Please look at this for the Problem ARRGAME2, Yet another nice girl from Oct challenge… 2 codes from 2 users with no difference watsoever. commenting and spacing are also same.

This is ridiculous…


Hi Harry, you can always report such incidents to us at [email protected]

Hello i too saw many same solutions. In KMHAMHA question look at the JAVA solutions in time range 1.85 to 1.87 seconds. Most are exactly the same. I saw this when many people got AC in this question just before the end of contest that even in single try. I think someone have left their ideone code open.

OK i ACCEPT i made a new account so that i may submit questions when I am able to solve more questions so that i may have a good rank on one of the account. Most of my friends are doing so.
But atleast I DID NOT CHEAT!!! (And i choose the username “fake” intentionally )
@admin I want to delete this account but since there is no option to do so, I would request you to delete it.

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Making 2 different accounts is also equivalent to cheating!!


and he is still commenting ban him…

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@all cheaters: read the rules, from July Long contest there is a rule

You shall not possess more than one account on CodeChef. If you have, then do let us know, so that we can deactivate the insignificant one. If you do not report it and we come to know about it, we may deactivate both the accounts permanently.


Ok. There is a rule. Who reads them? This is hypocrisy. You cannot expect every user to read the rules of the contest.

Codechef rating system is not good IMO. Messing up one contest will lead to a sharp drop in the rating. That is why people feel insecure and create fake accounts.

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hypocrisy is when someone cheats and then cries, that he was caught…

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@yesteapea That is right. You cannot expect every user to read the rules of the contest.

But, that doesn’t mean, you are free to do anything, as long as you supposedly say, “I didn’t read the rules”.

The rules are there for a reason. One can choose to or not to read them. But, when something happens, THIS IS NO EXCUSE.

And another thing: There are only about 10 small simple rules, that ARE REPEATED IN THE LANDING PAGE OF EVERY CONTEST. What is the ground in saying that I haven’t read the rules??

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So basically @yestepea, you expect to enter a contest that no risks are involved? Why don’t you just ask codechef for free points? If you have a very sharp drop it means you performed well below what was expected of you, you should keep learning to avoid such situations…

In the “real world”, when you face real problems will you create fake accounts just because you’re insecure ??? Most of us feel the same war before every single contest, you’re not special !!! And even if codechef changes the rating system there will still be cheaters and fake accounts, stop making excuses…


you are caught is your own mess LOL and moreover many people know you man. you are more famous than many red coders now congrats :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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I would suggest you to complete ignore such people. Dont waste your precious reviewing their codes. Instead solve more problems get better with each problem you solve. Be loyal to yourself. Dont even look at cheaters. Have some values.

Extremely soryyy for doing this
…I wont do it again soo please kindly leave me for 1st time because I don’t know whats the palagarism means… extermely soorry