CAN_REACH gave a TLE first time and then got accepred

i submitted this and got a TLE Solution: 54308886 | CodeChef
i was shocked, i submitted the code again and it got accepted. This bug costed me 10min penalty; can it be compensated in any way?

@admin, is that a new feature?

TLE: Solution: 54308886 | CodeChef
AC: Solution: 54364927 | CodeChef


It’s happened quite a lot of times earlier also.
11 July 2021
2 June 2021
21 April 2021
29 March 2021
25 February 2021

Quite consistent :laughing:

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The issue is around for a long time when we use python or pypy. In other languages, it is not an issue. I also got a similar penalty yesterday on Magic planks. Seems like CodeChef doesn’t care for python coders.

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