Can test venue can be changed in TNQT tests

My test for digital profile is scheduled for tomorrow.
Location is 4 hrs from my current location.

For 2 hrs test they want me to spend 8 hrs on reaching there.
Is it possible to ask them to change my test venue to nearby center ?
Any contact email or number to reach to them

Pls help!!!

Not possible…
My location is 5 hour away, add break journey delays, it will be 6 hours to go. 3 hour wait there. 2 hour exam. Return back 6 hours.

I had attended TCS codevita interview, It was like… 6 hours to go. Wait for 10 hours (Not a typo), interview for 2-3 minutes ( Not a typo). Wait for train 2 hours. Return back 5 hours.

Unfortunately, they have options, you don’t…

And also, I think they have much lower no. of centres for digital test than no. of centres of TNQT.

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