Can we get chances in Attendance Laddus?


We get 1000 laddus by participation for 36 rounds(Long+Cook Off + Lunchtime) continuously.
But let us say, at the time of Cook-Off, we have to go for an examination, or an event, or anything which has more priority than the competition, the streak will become 0 and all our progress is gone even if it is our 35th competition in a row. I believe that we should have 2/3 chances. I am not saying that we should be allowed to do only 33/34 competitions in a row. We have to do 36 of them but we can skip 2/3 in between.


your argument no where supports the heading “Attendance Laddus system is unfair”. Also, It does not take much time to make a single partial points submission. Even if it does, rules are same for everyone so i don’t think it’s unfair


ik it’s tough but one can manage…
I have streak of 36+17 = 53 ( one and half year) contests…
I prioritize contest over food and other stuff…
I wish if there was a rank list for participation streak XD…


I am sorry. I just changed the title. Let’s take the example of me. I am going to my native place. There is no computer over there. I could, of course, try to do this on my mobile. But wouldn’t it be better if we had like even 1 chance or something. Thank you.




I don’t know if its the right place to raise the issue. There are some guys like l_returns who are so dedicated to participate in the official contests and then some are there who don’t participate with their original account in some contests instead make a fake account and maintain the streak of like 36 * x. I don’t know if CC identifies them but I truly think this is unfair.


I understand your problem… I agree on giving one chance but they might have their own reasons for not allowing even once… Idk…
Ik how inconvenient it is to solve it on mobile phone…


Yes but it’s tough to differentiate between intentional partial score and unintentional partial score… They don’t allow zero score for the same reason…


How can i check my streak?? is it given anywhere on my codechef account


Nope but there is another website which does that… Will share a link here if I find it on discuss again…

#11 Here you go.