Can we see testcases only for this series? Or suggest me how to deal with it

For practice problems we can see testcases in many other platforms.
This series is very helpful for me. I’m really trying to get into competitive coding.
But I think initially i would need some help to wrap my head around all possible testcases and write code.

Or what should i do?
when my code works on sample testcase but gives wrong answer…

Just try and find test cases where your approach might fail.
If you are told that on which kind of test case, your code can fail then, it stops your growth.

You need to learn to figure it out yourself. I am also not very good at it. Keep re-reading the question and thinking about corner cases.


I just did… found where i was wrong…
and the way i did was…
i re-read the question 2-3 times… and i understood where i was wrong…


That’s great!