Can you please review this Developer Profile web template ?

I developed a developer profile web template, can you please review it? Read this medium blog for more details. It is completely dynamic, one have to edit just a single file js/profile.json and personal data for using this template.

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UI looks good and mobile friendly.
What technologies are used to build this site ?

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No doubt you have a good UI but when i got to check for the site to be reponsive their was a problem clearly it accomodates the size of the window but when i clicked on skills(when it was at mobile size window) and then maximized it became like the image mentioned in link

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are too dim, make them slight more bright.

Overall Template is nice, but instead of Hello World! popup at the start, try adding a animation before blog loads, which says Hello World.

and also Favicon is missing, add one :smiley:


Materialize.CSS and jquery for most of the things, sweetalert, perfect scrollbar and typedjs used for some little things.
Medium blog gives details about it.

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thanks @ghost_boy I do have idea about this thing a simple trick might solve this, I have an onWindowSizeChange function may be adding a few lines will fix this. Any suggestion from your side to fix this?