Cannot delete, update or modify my team for IEMCO

I am in a situation where both my teammates cannot participate in the contest IEMCO and thus have declined my request to join the team.
I have tried logging in with my team id and password but I could not find any option there which would help.
However, I cannot delete my team or invite other people to it or join another team myself.
I have already mailed my concern to and but no one helped. The contest is on 31st.
Thank you.

Even my teammates won’t be able to join due to some reason. So I’ve got new teammates but I can’t register in another team. Is there something that can be done about this?

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Exactly so! I am sure there are others.
I hope Codechef addresses this.

We have only about 2 days left. @admin please do something about this.

I think you can edit your team members. If you are the creator of that team.

I am the creator but I could not, even after logging in using the team name and password which I had created for a previous contest.

No. I could only edit the password.

You can edit your team by going through following link
(replace your_team_login_username with actual value.)
I am able to modify the team member.

Yes, it is working now. But previously, on the same page, no such option was there.

I got the link already but I wasn’t able to change any information.

Screenshot (53)

I get taken to this page and I’m not able to remove their name. Please help me.