Cannot submit solution - LTIME75B

First, it gives error cannot submit solution then gives I can only submit 1 solution in 1:30
Check my profile I havent submitted any solution for 18mins(currently).

PS: now it just keeps logging me out.

are you able to submit now?

yes (20 char limit…)

please provide screenshot of the error :slight_smile:

Whenever I am trying to submit the solution, it says to log in again.

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Yes, It’s really annoying

Again it happened don’t know where to focus now.

contest today is a total MESS. System says i logged in using two different devices but is the same ip…


Same here
it’s really annoying

same thing happened with me, I just closed and reopened the browser.


The error shown in screenshot is the actually submission limit. But if you are facing login/logout issue, please let us know.

We don’t show different devices, we show different sessions. Can you please check you had it open in one browser only? Please report if you are still facing this.

well I didn’t submit any solution for atleast 18 min before getting that error. And I’ve been logged out quite a few times

Ohkay, and are you facing any issue as of now ?

not currently (20 char…)

Okay, thanks for patience.

Many users are facing this problem. @admin

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there was internal server error also

you’re right @abhijeetpandey, i wrote in a hurry. The issue disappeared 10 minutes after.