Cannot submit the solution

solution is not getting submitted
submission time is not getting finished
@admin @vijju123


what are you trying to say
cannot understand?

Same is happening with me , I hope it gets away soon

I too facing the same problem

Same thing happened to me for an hour, i logged out and opened incognito tab and the submissions are getting accepted


same problem with me !!

same with me tooo !!!

It is getting evaluated. Check it in ‘my submissions’. There is a bug only in submit page which is running infinitely.

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nothing is happening
now the submit page is not getting started

Same here. Now even the IDE is not loading but few minutes ago IDE was loading but output was not being displayed.

switch to non ide mode and then submit your solution !!

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Nope. Not working…

Could not submit any practice problems :frowning:

switch to non ide and submit your answer(it will keep on showing “running”). Then go to your profile and the result will be displayed on the recent section. Also you can access it through “my submission” .

Is it still there? Or is it fixed now?

Yes, I confirm, there’s an issue in fetching submission status on “Non IDE Mode” submit page. I’ll update once fixed.

This is fixed, please let us know if this issue persists.

no its not fixed the ide page is not opening

Can you please help with some screenshots ?

The submit code page refreshes itself unnecessarily ,irritating, sometimes making us lose written code.