Can't solve more than 2 question in any contest

I can’t solve more than 2 question in any contest. I’m new on codechef. Can anyone guide me on how can i practice such that i solve my 3rd question in any contest as i can’t solve more than 2.

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When I also started on Codechef, it was the same case with me, i guess you should first give an honest try to the third question, if u are unable to solve it, you should look at tags, then u would get to know about the topics or the prerequisites the question demands. Now if you don’t know these topics, then you can learn them first and if you know them, you should try thinking in that direction to solve the question. Now if still you are unable to solve, you should start watching the video editorial, you don’t have to watch entire editorial at once, you should watch and observe in which direction he is going with solution and pause the video at multiple times and try to complete the solution yourself and don’t worry if you can’t get the hang of solution and you have to watch the entire video. This will be a good exercise for the brain and would help you and you should do this for one question above your level after the contest. Like if you were able to solve first three questions, you should do it for the 4th question. This is my point of view. I hope others experienced people would add theirs too. All the best for your Competitive Programming Journey!


alright thanks!