Can't wait for the editorials of ADAROOKS2 and BINARY

I seriously can’t wait anymore to learn the efficient approach for these problems. Hit :heart: if you are also desperately waiting


Me too! I’m desperately looking forward for the contest to end and for my ratings to annihilate :sweat_smile: and to learn the right approach to each problem. This is the most valuable long challenge in a long time.


15 minutes more can’t even wait for that


Even I cannot wait for the editorials because I am a big big big noob and could not even solve 1 full problem (1 partial). I think this long was very tough and also may give some good techniques


Yes man Editorial of this challenge will have a lot of lessons for All. Try to grab everything from the editorial.

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To better describe myself you could say I am noobie noobita ( Not all will get this reference)


I will definitely see all problems

No bro Don’t call yourself a noob, Everybody is a newbie on the day1 and become an expert after a lot of hard work and passion for the job. You just need to give your best to all the problems and try to learn the efficient approach from the Editorials

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Yeah. Eventually, you’ll learn to spot the pattern, get familiar with advanced data structures and algorithm, a pickup a few mathematical concepts along the way. Though this will take a lot of time.

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Yeah racing before sleep and after waking up

So true , This change takes time and you can’t neglect this fact

Eat sleep and spend time on Codechef

I don’t know. Whenever I see the editorial, I will be like "Oh yeah I could have done like this " but I don’t feel like I am taking away some techniques which I can use to solve other problems other than very similar ones. How can I improve my skills?

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If you will watch the editorials of most of the problems, You can see that they rarely go brute force so learn one technique that you don’t have to think brute force. Then your brain will automatically push you towards some efficient approach.And you will not have to stop yourself until and unless you get some approach. if you stop u quit. At least this happens with me.
I tried till the last day to get that 4th one.

I got frustrated with the WTBTR.,sapjv

i didn’t see your full code but in this question you need to use long long int instead of double(as double converts large number in mantissa form ) and then if minimum distance is odd then you can write cout<<n/2<".5";

Yes truee @shivamchef caught the error.

I was also using double earlier then i learned from google that double converts the large numbers to mantissa form and the i used the same approach which u mentioned and got AC

It seems that you are right because i checked my code manually on many of the test cases , and it was working for all of the cases every time, but i couldn’t get why i was getting WA everytime while submission.

Sapjv WTBTR was a simple problem. You just need to draw lines with slope m=-1 and m=1 for each point such that all lines are cutting X- axis with 45* and 135*. Now, Solution was to find (minimum distance between two consecutive lines)/2. Because we could draw N-2 roads for N-1 points so we have to find two points whose roads are closest to each other, if those two points are in same slope then distance is 0, else we will create road between two points whose Distance between parallel lines is minimum =
Formula = |c2-c1|/ sqrt(1 + mm). where mm=1
Solution :