Capegmini Campus Hiring Challenge

Campus Campus hiring Challenge along with other tech challenge

Eligibility : B.Tech /M.Tech (All branches) (Final and Pre-Final Year)

Perks : Cash Prizes + Certificates + Chance to grab a Job Opportunity at Capgemini.

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is it a hiring challange ?

Yes, there are 3 rounds. If you perform good, you will get a chance to intern(if 3rd year) and job(if 4th year). You can find details by visiting the website given in the post.

I guess its hackathon and not algorithm contest?

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There are various domains of this. You can choose any-AWS, PEGA etc.
I specifically mentioned Campus hiring because, in the second round there is coding round which starts on 23rd October and that is which interests the community🙂

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2nd phase is hackathon if im not wrong. Hackathons != Cp

No, as far as I remember, I read “Coding round” starts on 23rd October, though not sure. Still no harm in participating right as eventually hackathons can also lead to opportunities

DO they give the chance for appearing in interviews to all candidates who perform well or only to the winner? As I am unable to find on the website if you have an idea then please share a screenshot for the same.

I think, students qualifying till Round 3 will get a chance for interview. Check this(the last para)

Check this out. Its a coding round as written

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That’s what I’m trying to say you that they didn’t mention clearly that up to which level students must have to clear round to be eligible for the interview.

Just got to know, according to last year, top students of 3rd round(preferably scoring more than 80) were called for interview.

scoring 80 in last round or 80 in each round ?