(Cash prize: 20000) Invitation to Exun 2018 Programming Prelims


Delhi Public School R.K. Puram is hosting Exun 2018, the 23rd iteration of the annual tech festival on October 27 and October 28 this year. The event is being hosted under the aegis of the Digital India initiative and will be national for the first time ever! We will be providing free accommodation to participants (and accompanying teachers) from 27th to 28th of October.
To get more details regarding the same, you can visit our website.

The preliminary round for the programming event will take place on 3rd October on the codechef platform from 5 pm to 8 pm. The contest will be unrated and will consist of 5 problems, with difficulty ranging from Easy to Medium-Hard. A rough idea of the topics covered can be obtained from the Advanced CodeChef Scholarship Syllabus. In order to be eligible for the onsite finals, one must register here. The winners of the finals will get prizes of upto 20000 rupees. All qualifiers will get T-shirts from Topcoder.

Edit: The prelims will be a team event. Participants will have to create a team on the codechef platform comprising the handles of the two members. Participants can also team up across schools and be eligible for the prizes. All registered teams will be given digital certificates with their prelim ranks irrespective of whether or not they qualify for the finals.

The event will have a lot to offer for students preparing for IOI and ICPC as well.

The contest link is up and working: https://www.codechef.com/EXPP2018

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How many participants would be selected for final?

Update: We will be giving digital certificates with the prelims rank to all registered high school participants irrespective of whether they attend the Finals onsite or not. Participants may team across schools and still be eligible for the prizes.

Participants can also team up across schools and be eligible for the prizes.

Does that mean that if my school isn’t participating in Exun, I can still participate in the programming event? Can I participate NOT on the behalf of my school? What I mean is, in case my school is unwilling to participate in the event, can I participate individually (just the competitive programming event)?

Is my name(Vivaan Gupta) there @bharat2002

The top 6-10 teams will be selected for the finals

Yes, that is allowed. Just select the independent registration option on the provided link.

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I wasn’t sure about the individual registration earlier and had registered only myself by mistake. Can I somehow edit it to also include my teammate?

I have looked over the list of registered participants (our own list) and you haven’t registered for the competitive programming event. You can still register at the link given in the post.