CCDSAP Expert Level Examination - ICPC Scholarship

Will the expert level examination of CCDSAP be held in March?


No, expert exam is held every alternate exam


CodeChef is offering a CCDSAP scholarship to ICPC 19-20 participants which is only applicable for the exam to be held in March. If there isn’t an expert level exam in March, I guess I won’t be able to use it.

You should mail them and just hope for the reply.

Hi @spar5h, we have mentioned in the ICPC Certification scholarship email that for Expert level the coupon will be valid for the exam after 22nd March. So you can use the coupon while registering for the next exam.

Thanks for the reply. I had only seen the scholarship pamphlet. I hadn’t seen the e-mail, sorry for the trouble.

Any way around to keep it valid for infinitely long until first use?

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