CCDSAP next examination date

What is the next date of examination of CCDSAP after 26th May. I have to do any certification in summer & I am thinking about CCDSAP. But the constraint is it should in between 1 June to 20th of July.

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According to the last 3 exam dates which are 20th Jan 2019 , 31st March 2019 and 26th May 2019.
I guess the next exam date would be either 21st July 2019 or 28th July 2019.
P.S : This is purely my assumption and the actual dates might vary.

@admin @vijju123 I’ve registered for the CCDSAP exam on May 26. However, it clashes with a Google Kickstart round. Is it possible to shift my exam date to the next month?

Mail it to codechef - they will do the needful for you.

Mailed them a few days ago. They haven’t replied yet.

They will get back to it soon. What email id did you mail it to? and

@sarthakmanna, Communication with Codechef team is very difficult because they don’t even reply on time. But one thing is sure they will surely shift your exam date. Keep calling them many times until they resolve your issue. Otherwise, you won’t get any response from them early.

My personal experience : On 15th jan , I applied for CCDSAP advanced level certification of 31st March, but i couldn’t get prepared myself for the advanced level till 31st March. So, i decided to give the foundation level exam of 31st March so that i could have at least one certificate with me. Then, i had to call them several times, mailed them several times for changing the level of my registration, i got response after 10+ days. Moreover this, Earlier they said that they can easily change the level of exam for my application, but in last they couldn’t change that. So, they cancelled my registration of advanced level, and gave me a coupon code for registering in foundation level exam. So, it is better to ping them many times as possible, then only they will help you. Otherwise, wait… wait…wait

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Thanks, but Codechef team replied to my mail this afternoon. Hopefully, the matter will be soon resolved. Thanks @vijju123