CCDSAP Rank updation

My rank is showing 1 in the Feb Challenge in my institute and I am told that now I am rank 2 after the MOSS checking. When I saw the rank list provided to me by CodeChef it showed that some @amanraj has more points than me. When I went to look at his profile on CodeChef it shows that he is of IIITD but from the description and his LinkedIn profile link it is clear that he is of IIIT Vadodara and not IIITD. This is not fair. Can @admin please provide me with a clear cut justification for this.

Doing this reduces my scholarship from 100 to 75 and I will have to pay extra 1000 Rs. for no reason.

Hi We have updated the rank list after verification.

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How about I verify for you that that person @amanraj is not of IIITD

I have some screenshots that I can share if you don’t believe me. That person is of IIITV and not IIITD. There is a huge confusion that is happening here. Also, I can neither see him in the leaderboard of IIITD nor IIITV. How did he even give this contest.

We verified it with the id card he submitted in the scholarship application. Ranklist has been updated accordingly.

Hello @devikia31

When the long challenge was over I remember my rank was somewhere around 1400 and I had got 100% scholarship at that time
Now my rank has increased to 1100 or something after MOSS checking and I got a mail saying that it is 75% not 100 %

Pls check and update
Thanks !

Ma’am now the updated ranks in the rank sheet provided to me through a mail shows that I am at Rank 1 now. But now the deadline has passed. What should I do now.

Firstly I get 100% off then you say that I will get 75% off and now you say that I can have 100% off but the deadline is passed. This is not fair at all. I had registered for it when I was getting 100% off. Then you cancelled my registration because of your own confusion and gave me 75% off. Now the update rank list shows that I should get 100% off. But what should I do now, the deadline has passed,

Where to find this newly updated list?? can u please post the link :slight_smile:
@devika31 @priyansh19077

@admin please help

I see you’ve sent an email 10 hours ago. Please give us some time to work on it and get back to you.

Alright Thanks a lot

@admin. I know this is really impatient of me but you gotta understand that the deadline is over and I am still not registered for it. Please help me asap

What makes you think that we wouldn’t understand the concept of a deadline which we have set, getting over?
There are many cases, and each case involves manual effort. So it will take time, but rest assured that it will be done.

Alright. Thanks again. Sorry for the restlessness