CCDSAP scholarship for June Long Challenge

Despite filling in the form and achieving first place in my institute (IIIT-Delhi) in Division 1 with more than 200 points (255), I have not received any communication from CodeChef regarding the scholarship.
When can I expect details regarding the same?

Why didnt you highlight it earlier? The registration date is already gone, so I dont think anything can be done for your issue.

The emails were sent to required contestants on 20-21st June to register. Alternatively, a refund was given to those who already registered. A few minor errors were there, either by the community or from admin(eg- One guy was not able to apply coupon code, fixed within a few hours. Another forgot filling the form but reported immediately after contest, so we let him in. Another guy was rejected as details he filled were incorrect (eg- wrong username), got him accepted as well).

Some reasons for you not getting accepted could be-

  • Wrong Username in form
  • Wrong email in form
  • Got caught in Plagiarism

Please be a bit more alert. Now the deadline has passed, I dont think I can do anything for you despite wanting to do so.

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Just saw that it was there in my spam folder! Guess it is my fault, I had expected an email from the CodeChef email ID. There’s absolutely nothing I can do about it?
Also, are you aware if there will be more chances regarding this scholarship, perhaps in the July Long Challenge?

Nopes :frowning: . The concerned @admin of that department is very strict. Issue of nature similar to yours are straight no. Still, try mailing them at the given mail if they agree to do something for your case.

But dont worry, scholarships will happen. It was the second time codechef announced a scholarship of this nature, and we both pray, it shouldnt be the last!