CCDSAP scholarship - joint 1st rank in college

After the February Long Challenge I ranked 1st in my college. I am sharing this position with 3 other people. So, all 4 of us would get 100% scholarship or any 1 would get it and the rest will get 75% each? Please clarify.

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Ties will not be broken, and all the users with the same rank will be eligible for the corresponding scholarship.
As written on website


Everyone would get a 100% Scholarship as mentioned in the blog

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Okay thanks for the clarification

will you prepare for the examination with me ?

I can, how can I contact you?

whatsapp or any other social media.

If u r on codeforces then we can privately talk there.

@mortal_1 you are from northern india right?

yes bro.

Which year?

2nd . are you also from NIEC

Yeah im also from niec 2nd year


Looks like there are two ranklists for our college

original one will be of ADGITM…

as we have to upload our i card for the verification

Yeah that can be the case

which branch r u in ??


Uh from cse