CCDSAP Scholarship

If I register for CCDSAP now to avail the get the early bird offer would I also get the scholarship if I perform well in my college in the scholariship contest?
Also when will that scholarship contest be held?

I am not aware about CCDSAP scholarship contest.
Where did you read about it ?

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No you can avail either Early bird Offer or Scholarship

@l_returns @vijju123 Did you write CCDSAP advanced exam ? If yes , what was your experience and can you say that the prepare section and practice problems are enough to crack it


Yup I think you need to be thorough with syllabus and it should work. Don’t miss a single topic.

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I wrote it before they raised their difficulty for Advance.

I do see a few people here and there saying that the paper is surely tougher than earlier difficulty, but everyone admits that going through prepare section diligently and practicing those problems makes it easy to crack.


Thankyou!! @vijju123 and @l_returns

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which one?

last time there were scholarships given on the basis of august long challenge, so i am talking about that contest on which scholarships would be given for the january ccdsap test.

Okay those scholarships are not regular.
They provide it once in a while.
They do not provide it for every CCDSAP.