CCDSAP Tentative winners

what about the Tentative winners of CCDSAP.
It’s 17th today.

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Figure it out on your own. You know the rules :sweat_smile:

Of course…but excitement is a part of life :joy:

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Still, we’re promised list of tentative winners by 23:59 hrs. It’s already 30 mins late.

Are you getting 100% scholarship? :wink:

Yes, I was on 1st rank in my institute. But in tentative list ,I got rank 5 :joy:

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Same thing happened to me. Just in my case, I was demoted to 14th rank :confused:

I think they deleted that announcement from Challange page.

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where is the list ?..

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On August challenge page there is a link below the question box just scroll down hope u will find that easily.

additional 3 questions from div-1 is also countable!!
Tht’s why you got rank 5.