CDVNT01H - Editorial



Contest: CodeVenture 1.0

Setter: Nisarg Thakkar

Tester: Malhar Patel

Editorialist: Jaydeep Mulani




Gaussian Method of Matrix Elimination


The idea behind the problem boils down to following : You are given N linear equations and you have to calculate the sum of its solutions and then find the sum of the factors of the absolute value of the sum of its solutions.


The Idea is simple - Use the Gaussian Methods of Matrix Elimination to find the solution of the linear equations and then find the absolute value of the sum of its solutions to find the sum of its factors.


KTLN Solution


Feel free to Share your approach, if you want to. (even if its same :stuck_out_tongue: ) . Suggestions are welcomed as always had been. :slight_smile:

This applies to all your current editorials:

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Hey @harshraj22,
Your comment has a point and we will make sure to do that from next time.
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