Certificate for August LunchTime 2019 (Top 5 Indian School participants Div 2)

I participated in August LunchTime 2019 (31st August, 2019), and received 51 laddus since I acheived Rank 5 (for school students Div.2).
According to this thread: Ref.
, Top 5 school students from ranklist will receive 50 laddus & a certificate, but I have not received a certificate yet.

When will I receive the certificate and will it be through e-mail?

they take around 1-2 months atleast for certificates.

I have not received laddus for sep lunchtime wheres it was written they would be provided post rating calculation

Oh-okay. Thanks for the response!

Try this link being logged in in codechef account.

I came first in schools in August Ltime Div2, I received my 55 laddus on the 9 or 10th of September. So ya, it takes time.

The page says “You don’t have any certificate.”