Certificate Issue

Describe your issue

I completed enough coursework on " C++ for problem-solving - 1", But I still cannot find a certificate.


  1. Course Portal

  2. Certificates site

    [Note: I don’t know why it’s showing a javascript certificate, and also in the certificate, there are issues with layout]

  3. Javascript certificate layout issue[I never opted for this, just sharing for bug report]

Additional info

I think there are some issues regarding image upload, attaching again images.



Hey @rajpatel23,

The Javascript certificate came due to a bug, which is fixed now.
For C++ for problem solving, there is one module “Logic building part 3” which you have not finished, finish it once and then you will get the certificate.

Okay, thanks. I was just concerned because it shows the “view certificate” option, but when I clicked there, there was no certificate. If I understand correctly, this “view certificate” option on the course page only appears after completing a certain stage. By the way, thank you very much, I resolved it and obtained a certificate :+1:

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