Certificate issue

The certificate of July lunchtime was uploaded today but I have still not received the certificate of June Luchtime. Am I missed out by mistake??

@admin @vijju123

Edit:-Issue still not resolved

That would be for JULY CCDSAP ?
I didn’t know if codechef provide certificates for lunchtime. :thinking:

To whom codechef provides Certificates @kshitij_789 @I_returns ?

They provide certificates for only school students in lunchtime

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You are in school ? Wow…:heart_eyes:

yes in 8th grade


In which class you started ?

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I started coding in 6th but competitive coding on codechef in end of 7th


Child prodigy… Tourist better be careful :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Tourist started when he was 8. He would be just laughing in some corner.


Right. My bad.
Who told you to do competitive at this age ?
How do you know about competitive so early ?


nobody told me to do CP.My own interest.Just want to crack IOI+IMO.
I like maths a lot and I feel programming is the biggest application of maths


What are your tips for someone to improve in coding ?

I am not an expert(few months of experience only).I think you will better help me and not vica-versa

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I also liked maths. I used to search for math puzzles. Never encountered link to competitive coding when I tried searching about math. How are you aware about cp.


I used to do basic coding before(coding puzzles manually using user input and not on any online judge). Once I searched internet about coding questions and came to know about codechef(i didn’t know about competitions on it).Then I didn’t even know array,dictionary etc.I only know loops,functions,binary search.

I just solved some codechef problems using user input on my computer.I didn’t know about asymptotic complexity and that I could submit my problems online

I already knew the math required for CP(number theory and combinatorics).
Credits-Non routine maths while preparing for exams like NMTC and PRMO

I used to do courses on edx and coursera. I highly recommend 6.01 and 6.02 by MIT for introduction to coding,O() notation,data structures,statistics.(they are in python).Then I did game making,basic ML and DL.

I knew graphs(due to 6.02) but I used to do dfs by making classes for nodes etc but due to CP know adjacency list.Then I didn’t understand the basic DP in 6.02.

I came to know about coding competitions on codechef only towards the end of last year and regularly participating in contest since MARCH 2019

target IOI Gold 2020


Wish you a very good luck :grinning:


All the Best :slight_smile:



What I thought that except me everybody know that you are in eighth standard but i am wrong .

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No Kshitij, you’re just 13 with 6 months of experience and you are already so good at problem solving. You do have a beautiful mind. IMHO, there is a lot that we (including Karan) can learn from you. All the best!