Certificates for Hey Newbees Here is Some Honey Round-2

Hi Programmers,

From the standing those who have solved at least 1 problem are identified as participants.

Though We will provide the certificate to you via mail within 12 days. But You can download your certificate now from the link below: Click here

If you have participated but couldn’t solve any we are really sorry for that.
Because we don’t have any proof of your attendance .Hope you all the best for Round 3.

Our heartiest congratulations to the participants.
Those who are in top fifty ,Congratulations! You have achieved two certificates.
Top three performers respectively rsd511 , alif_cse_ju , cubefreak777 will achieve Codechef laddus.

If you face any problem regarding contest and certificate,feel free to contact us.

Hope you all enjoyed the contest. Stay with us in future.


Buddy I am in top 50 but i can’t see my name in your certificate
Name-> Pankaj Adhana
handle -> pankajadhana97

Hi, We have fixed that. Search again in top 50 folder with your position.

Hey bro, iam not able to find mine…

You have to be registered to be eligibile for certificate.

You are not registered. By the way You can share your full name with us. We will provide your certificate.

Pidaparti Sitapati…thanku
but before submit it asked for registration and I did that. Will there be any announcement or something to register as I was unaware until i clicked on the submit button

You should have checked the prize info in contest details.

Your certificate has been added to the rank>50 folder. Please search it by your name.

Thank you bro :slightly_smiling_face:

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